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Styles of Welsh Dressers

A welsh dresser will always have a commanding presence in a room but can still vary greatly in style and how it looks. The wood type used for construction will play a large part in the style the piece takes on. For example, if the dresser is made from oak it can be rich with a dark stain or softer and more casual with a lighter stain. The wood grain of oak shows through and creates a lot of interest and ambiance.

Another style will be created when pine is used to make a welsh dresser. The natural characteristic of pine is to be marked with knots and areas that are not deemed smooth and perfect. This enables the dresser to look very casual and less formal in a room.

Of course the style is determined by the size of the dresser as well. A piece can be very wide or narrow, depending on how it is constructed. Scale and proportion are determined by the combination of height and width. The welsh dresser can become very artistic as it lends itself to many styles and moods.

Decorative trim and detail on the shelving can add a distinctive look to the welsh dresser as well. If the shelves are trimmed out with a richly curved and highly ornamental look it can become much different looking from a shelf that is simple and plain. The style is open to interpretation by the designer and builder. Adding paint or even a combination of paint and stain can dramatically change the style as well.

Hardware used on the drawers can have a huge impact on the style and mood of a welsh dresser as well. The pull can be simple and small or large and decorative. Again, the mood of the piece determines the type hardware used for the drawers. A pained pull can look nice on oak and a pewter pull can look dramatic against a piece painted black or green. The secret is to consider the size, shape and color in determining the style needed.

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