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How to Stylishly fit a Welsh Dresser into your home

Welsh dressers and sideboards may seem to some to be outdated and in fact, they are. Although for most they are a relished antique that can still be a very useful piece of décor in your home no matter your homes styling.

If you have decorated your home in a Provincial French motif, your sideboard or dresser will need minimal refurbishing or help fitting in. However, you should still feel free to spruce your dresser up a bit by using things such as a water pitcher and washing bowl or even a vase with some fresh picked wild flowers for an added touch.

Contemporary themed homes could use a bit more help in finding the right way to keep their dresser or sideboard as part of the theme in their home. This can vary from placing a table runner and some candlesticks on your sideboard to using a bowl of fruit in the center as a main identifying object. If you are decorating your dresser, do not be scared to turn it into a bookshelf or even a home for framed photos of your family. Not only will this draw attention to your piece but it will also help to make your house more of a home in the process.

Creativity is the key in turning any piece of furniture into a piece of décor for your home. While ensuring that the piece you have will fit in to your décor, there are some things you want to take into consideration while decorating.

Dressers and sideboards of this caliber are not to be tampered with when it comes to paint and varnish. These items will ruin the patina of your piece, which someone nearly 200 years ago took the time to build making your dresser or sideboard the beautiful luxurious item that it is today.

If your dresser or sideboard is in need of a polish it is best to use beeswax just as they did when the item was built, to prevent any damage to the wood that could occur from products that are currently sold on the market today. Cleaning your item should be done gently and with great care, if necessary call a professional that can advise you on the best method to clean your antique dresser or sideboard.

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