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10 Tips for choosing a welsh dresser

Choosing the right welsh dresser for a home is not difficult. Typically a home has a general mood or theme that the homeowner has used throughout. Even if a person cannot verbally define their decorative style they evolve to one naturally by selecting things they feel drawn to and like. The secret to successful decorating is to keep a general mood or theme going in the entire home.

If a home is more formal and elegant a welsh dresser constructed of rich dark oak would be a good choice. However, if the home has a more casual feel a dresser that is pained and less ornate might look nice. Painted pieces can even spark up a more contemporary home or loft area.

When selecting the right welsh dresser it is important to consider the size of the dining room or space it is to be used in. If the room is large it can take a large piece, but if the room is smaller in scale it is better to choose a smaller piece. The scale needs to match the size of the room and the table and chairs. For example, if a delicate table and chairs is to be used in the room it is not a good idea to overpower them with a large piece. Instead, it would be better to choose a smaller, lighter welsh dresser to enhance the table land chairs. The perfect room will blend together and the furniture used will have a feeling of belonging together instead of competing.

It is also a good idea to consider the color of walls and flooring when making a selection. A dark floor and dark walls will show off a lighter piece nicely. A room with light walls and carpeting would show off a darker piece with ease.

Once size, style and mood of a room are determined it is easy to find a welsh dresser to enhance the space and allow dining to become a rich part of family life.

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